Over 50 top athletes bring a mix of lifestyle and culture to the streaming scene

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Dallas, Nov. 6, 2023 — “We are thrilled to join forces with Amazon,” beams Deron Guidrey, co-founder of PlayersTV, signaling a groundbreaking launch that ushers in a new era for athlete-centric storytelling. The network’s venture onto Prime Video and Amazon Freevee positions it at the forefront of the free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels, promising a 24/7 lineup that goes beyond traditional sports broadcasting.

Guidrey’s announcement underscores the excitement surrounding PlayersTV’s latest move to bring their diverse, athlete-owned content to a broader audience. The network’s association with over 50 elite athletes, including Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, and Dwyane Wade, sets the stage for a unique blend of lifestyle and culture programming.

The expansion onto Amazon’s platforms marks a strategic extension of PlayersTV’s reach, allowing it to tap into a massive audience eager for a fresh perspective on the lives of their sporting heroes. With an eclectic mix of reality shows, documentaries, and original programming, the network is redefining the connection between sports fans and the stars they admire.

For sports aficionados and entertainment seekers, PlayersTV’s launch on Prime Video and Amazon Freevee opens up a new world of athlete-inspired content, accessible anytime and enriched by the authenticity that only an athlete-owned network can provide.

Further information on this innovative content offering can be found at www.playerstv.com, inviting viewers to an engaging experience where the spirit of sports lives on through the stories of its most celebrated figures.

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