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Adidas Bolsters Basketball Future with Overtime Elite Signings

February 22, 2024 0

adidas and Overtime Elite’s partnership shines, signing young prodigies as brand ambassadors, a testament to their commitment to basketball’s future.

UK’s Freshman Guard Edwards Becomes First College Athlete with Klutch

November 13, 2023 0

UK’s Justin Edwards breaks new ground as Klutch Athletics’ first NIL basketball player. His dynamic talent meets style in this unique partnership.”

2023-24 Nike NBA City Edition Celebrates Team Heritage

November 5, 2023 0

Nike’s NBA City Edition uniforms for 2023-24 intertwine team heritage with the league’s evolving narrative, set to debut in the NBA Tournament.

Over 300 College Hoops Games on CBS: 2023-24’s Huge Lineup

October 30, 2023 0

Embrace CBS Sports’ most expansive NCAA basketball season, showcasing 300+ games with top-ranked teams and Elite Eight legends. A must-watch lineup.