Su’a Cravens’ Heated Response: Exploring the Drama Behind the Dispute

We recently found ourselves embroiled in a public dispute with Ex NFL player Su’a Cravens aka Ms Suzy, which began with what we believed to be a harmless compliment. Coolbruthas, our platform, focuses on topics that typically pique the interest of black men, such as fashion, gaming, and sports. While browsing through CBS affiliate’s College FootBall Playoff, we found a video featuring Su’a Cravens. We initially found his appearance as a sports commentator to be somewhat unconventional due to his extensive neck and body tattoos. Intrigued, we delved further and discovered his Instagram page, where we anticipated that his photos and video clips would resonate with our specific audience.

Eager to share some of his instagram content on our main Twitter feed, we swiftly did so, resulting in an expected 11,000 views within an hour, with the potential for even greater reach. However, our well-intentioned actions were met with an unexpected response from Su’a. In our initial communication, we sent him a complimentary message, expressing our belief that he possessed the charisma to venture into reality TV, including shows like Big Brother, Netflix’s Squid Game, The Challenge, Survivor, and Love Island, among others. Our intention was simply to encourage him to explore other realms of entertainment, as we believed his unique appeal could bring something fresh to those platforms. Our words were meant to convey support.

Unfortunately, Su’a Cravens responded with hostility, feigning ignorance of what a compliment entailed, and abruptly demanding the removal of our posts without providing any explanation. He responded with contempt, and seemingly because we are an LGBTQ+ platform. While we reminded him of our DMCA procedures, which are in place to address valid complaints, we also emphasized our stance on ‘fair use’ in the context of sharing content from platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. However, despite having a strong argument based on ‘fair use’, we chose to delete the photos and video clips as a measure to de-escalate the situation.Our platform is valuable, and we don’t want to promote anyone who doesn’t deserve the recognition as a #Coolbrutha.

#CelebrityEggPlant (Credit: Photo by Hans Gutknecht/Los Angeles Daily News)

Nevertheless, Su’a chose to screenshot our private messages and share them with his 150,000 followers. This, however, did not faze us. With over a decade of blogging experience and a substantial following of our own, including 500,000 website visitors, three websites and 20 million web impressions, we had encountered similar situations before. We had been recognized by prominent outlets such as The Shade Room, Yahoo Music, The Jasmine Brand, and HipHopDX, among others. D-list former football players do not intimidate us. If this was the path Su’a Cravens wanted to take, then so be it. Let us proceed.

In 2017, Su’a Cravens’ career took an unusual turn, raising questions within the football community. His unexpected contemplation of retirement and subsequent placement on the Redskins’ exempt/left squad list, amid reported personal issues, diverged from the typical trajectory of athletes. This, combined with a history of injuries and positional changes, hinted at his lack of commitment to the sport. Such actions, especially from a player with his potential and USC background, could be seen as a departure from the unwavering dedication usually expected in professional sports.

In a previous incident dating back to November 2019, as reported by 12up, Su’a Cravens, known for his stints with the Redskins and Broncos, stirred concern with troubling social media posts.

These posts emerged during a public dispute with NBA player Malik Beasley, which garnered widespread attention, including coverage by TMZ. In response, Cravens deleted or made his social media accounts private, underscoring potential mental health challenges faced by athletes in high-pressure environments.

During our recent public dispute, I’ve developed a growing suspicion that Su’a may not be as he appears. His blatant attitude and disrespect felt strangely familiar. As the situation unfolded, I began to consider the possibility that he might be a “down low” athlete. I must word this cautiously, but my intuition, honed over 30 years as part of the LGBTQ+ community, led me to this hypothesis.

Here are the factors contributing to my speculation:
  1. Scarcity of women displayed on his Instagram, with the exception of his mother.
  2. Shameful Promotion of his two children, seemingly without representation of a traditional two-parent household.
  3. He’s 6’1″ but possesses a feisty attitude reminiscent of someone often labeled as a bottom.
  4. His inability to accept a simple compliment, reacting viciously as if he were a victim.
  5. Engagement in public disputes with gay men, a behavior uncommon among self-proclaimed “straight” men.

It’s routine for men, especially bisexuals to show off their children as a badge of honor. However, the absence of the mother of his children on his Instagram page struck us as peculiar. While there could be various reasons for this, many men in corporate settings tend to emphasize their family life as a sign of stability and often include their partners. The absence of such representation raised questions. Perhaps Su’a was concealing something or someone, and the possibilities were open-ended.

Typically, heterosexual men, when confronted with the sexuality of their adversary, tend to disengage and avoid public confrontations with gay individuals. Such encounters are perceived as Kryptonite to them. Su’a Cravens, however, displayed no such apprehension, prompting the thought that this might have been his way of coming out. Deep down, many “down low” individuals secretly desire acknowledgment. Furthermore, we came across a suspect video on YouTube of Cravens responding to male fans baiting him to show his feet, why on earth would a so called “Straight man” be catering to gays online with feet fetishes? We have no idea. well maybe we do. But I digress. Check out the video below.

My only regret in this situation is that, based on Su’a’s sports commentary and appearance, I prematurely formed an positive opinion of him as a respectable individual. I made an honest mistake, The person I’ve should have sent my compliment to is Siaki Cravens, his older brother. Now that’s a real man.

Siaki Cravens (older brother)

Anyway, I have come to understand that when dealing with individuals like him, it’s sometimes necessary to stand your ground and not let them provoke you. This experience has been a valuable lesson. Nevertheless, I remain committed to showing love and encouragement to black men worldwide and inspiring them to achieve greatness. It’s not just a duty; it’s my mission.

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