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Category: Law and Justice

Gain valuable insights into the profound impact of the justice system on the African American community. Explore in-depth analyses of lawsuits, discrimination claims, and other critical topics, shedding light on the challenges faced and fostering a deeper understanding.

Unprecedented Compensation Awarded by NY State Division of Human Rights

August 3, 2023 0

New York State reinforces its fight against discrimination, awarding record compensation to victims.

Virginia Man Sentenced for Dogfighting Scheme and Animal Abuse

July 31, 2023 0

Convicted for scheming and promoting dog fights, Carlos Warren was ordered to serve 20 months behind bars.

SEC Charges Richard Heart and Entities with $1 Billion-Dollar Crypto Fraud

July 31, 2023 0

SEC files charges against Richard Heart and entities, Hex, PulseChain, and PulseX, for unregistered offerings of crypto asset securities, raising over $1 billion.

Wisconsin Man Sentenced for Racial Intimidation in Housing Case

July 24, 2023 0

Wisconsin man faces sentencing for racial intimidation and fair housing violations. Learn about the legal repercussions of race-based crimes and the joint efforts to protect civil rights.