Get ready to witness the thrill, the passion, and the untold stories behind basketball’s rising stars as Prime Video announces the green-light of an exciting feature documentary film. Produced by Religion of Sports and The Ringer, this documentary promises an immersive experience that will take you behind the scenes of the NBA G League, the NBA’s developmental league. Premiering exclusively on Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories, this film is set to captivate sports enthusiasts and ignite the dreams of aspiring athletes worldwide.

Step into the world of the NBA G League, where dreams are made and futures are shaped. This character-driven documentary grants viewers unprecedented access to the 2022-23 NBA G League season, showcasing the journeys of some of basketball’s most promising talents.

G League athletes are on a mission to reach for the stars, aiming to make it big in the NBA and grasp the golden ticket to fame and fortune.

The NBA G League is the breeding ground for extraordinary basketball players, a true talent incubator.

In recent times, NBA teams have wholeheartedly embraced the art of scouting and the pursuit of extraordinary talent. The significance of this practice has skyrocketed, evident in the remarkable success achieved by numerous teams.

This documentary serves as a glorious tribute, a standing ovation to the G League’s remarkable prosperity, and the profound impact it has had on the world of basketball. Through the lens of Religion of Sports, The Ringer, and the storytelling expertise of Bill Simmons, we delve into the captivating stories that define the G League.

Prime Video, the pioneering streaming service loved by millions, once again raises the bar for sports entertainment. With the NBA G League documentary, they reaffirm their commitment to providing Prime members with exceptional content, combining savings, convenience, and entertainment under a single membership. This exciting addition further strengthens Prime Video’s global reach, bringing the magic of basketball to viewers across the world.

Head of Prime Video Original sports content, Matt Newman, expresses his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking project, emphasizing its focus on the players who will shape the NBA’s future. The documentary captures the personal journeys of the next wave of NBA superstars as they chase their dreams and strive to break into the league for the first time. Through awe-inspiring footage and intimate storytelling, viewers will witness the triumphs, challenges, and the unwavering spirit of these extraordinary athletes.

Bill Simmons, the head of The Ringer, echoes the sentiments of many sports fans, recognizing the G League’s incredible growth and its status as a fertile talent pool for the NBA. Simmons emphasizes the power of collaboration between Religion of Sports, The Ringer, Prime Video, and the NBA itself. This synergistic alliance harnesses the storytelling prowess of these partners to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience, showcasing the essence of what the G League represents.

As the stage is set and the cameras roll, Prime Video, Religion of Sports, and The Ringer gear up to bring you a documentary experience like no other. The NBA G League documentary immerses you in the heart-pounding world of aspiring basketball stars and celebrates the G League’s rise to prominence. With its global premiere on Prime Video, viewers worldwide will witness the dedication, perseverance, and sheer talent of these players as they strive to reach the pinnacle of their careers.

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