Filling the Representation Gap: Svetlana Chernienko’s Vision for Inclusive Streaming Network

PR Newswire

In an age where representation matters, a groundbreaking streaming network gears up to redefine inclusive entertainment. FOR-US TV, a subscription-based platform set to launch this Fall/Winter 2023, promises a unique space dedicated to amplifying the voices of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ BIPOC communities. The innovative venture is spearheaded by Svetlana Chernienko, its President and Founder.

“Connecting communities and celebrating diversity is important,” stated Svetlana Chernienko, who has long championed the cause of underrepresented communities in the entertainment sector. With a suite of offerings—from documentaries to films and TV series—the platform endeavors to unite communities and spotlight talents often overshadowed in mainstream media.

FOR-US TV not only addresses the palpable gap in media representation but also embarks on an ambitious mission. Chernienko, coupling her advocacy for mental health with her drive for inclusive content, has a talk show in the pre-production phase in New York City.

Riding on a forward-thinking strategy, FOR-US TV will make its debut on ROKU and Amazon Fire TV, soon branching out to Apple TV. Beyond featuring works from esteemed filmmakers and artists, it throws open the doors for new voices. An unparalleled opportunity awaits emerging talents as the platform welcomes direct submissions of original content.

The streaming network’s ethos stands clear in its approach: A steadfast commitment to the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ BIPOC communities. In an industry often criticized for its lack of diversity, FOR-US TV aspires to be a beacon of change, harnessing the potency of storytelling to shape a more inclusive entertainment landscape.

In a bid to cement its vision and foster growth, FOR-US TV currently welcomes sponsorship proposals, product placements, and ideas for original TV series. This initiative underscores the platform’s intent to bolster the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ BIPOC creative communities in the fields of film, music, writing, and beyond.

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