PUMA x VIVID VISIONS Collection: A Tribute to Textile Recycling

PUMA and designer Andrew Burgess have teamed up to create a new fashion collection using PUMA’s recycled polyester RE:FIBRE fabric. The collection was showcased at York Hall Leisure Centre in London, blending design elements that reflect both a modern aesthetic and a nod to sports heritage.

The collection’s visuals, set in York Hall, represent the concept of reusing materials in fashion. This approach aligns with Andrew’s expertise in repurposing clothes. During a visit to PUMA’s partners in Turkey, Andrew gained insights into the processes involved in textile recycling, leading to the creation of a bespoke RE:FIBRE fabric.

Andrew’s observations during his visit highlight the processes of transforming old textiles into new materials. “Seeing the innovation, research, machinery, sustainable practices, and production that goes into crafting RE:FIBRE fabric was eye-opening,” he said, acknowledging the complexity of the production process.

The designs in the collection mirror the stages of textile recycling, with features that suggest the transformation of materials. Andrew notes, “My brand VIVID VISIONS focuses on merging different eras in fashion. Collaborating with PUMA to create a collection using recycled fabric fits this approach.”

This collaboration is part of PUMA’s Voices of A RE:GENERATION initiative, which focuses on enhancing transparency and communication about the brand’s sustainability efforts. The PUMA x VIVID VISIONS collection is a part of Andrew’s ‘Thread the Loop’ campaign, which aims to promote awareness of PUMA’s goal to use polyester sourced from textile waste.

Since 2022, PUMA has used recycled materials in training jerseys for football clubs like Manchester City and AC Milan. They have announced an expansion of this approach, with plans to use RE:FIBRE materials in 2024 football replica jerseys for major tournaments, utilizing textiles from old garments and factory waste.

For more information about the PUMA x VIVID VISIONS collection and insights into the collaboration, visit the gallery showcasing the collection and the Thread The Loop Series.

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